eBook – Everything you need to know about Network Protection

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Network protection and monetisation is a very delicate process with many potential disruptors. Providing mobile operators with superior network control and transparency for A2P messaging requires continuous monitoring and experience.

SMS and voice services are vital channels for critical updates, allowing brands to reach out to subscribers virtually anywhere. This, and the surge in authentication traffic, contribute to overall A2P SMS and flash calling volumes, creating new openings for monetisation. 

However, with lucrative opportunities come scavengers preying upon MNOs, enterprises and subscribers alike, and in the last few years, we saw a massive increase in fraud.

Keep reading to learn about the threats to MNO messaging.

In this eBook you will learn:

1. About the threats overwhelming the telecom ecosystem:

  • Internal challenges
  • SMS Fraud
  • Voice Fraud

2. How to build unbreachable messaging and voice protection by:

  • Assessing your A2P business
  • Regaining control over your network
  • Deploying an impregnable defence

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