Your single point of access for all types of traffic

Secured routing for A2P, P2A, P2P and RCS
with GMS Messaging Hub

Embark on your monetisation journey

GMS Messaging Hub provides mobile operators with secured message routing for all types of messaging traffic, ensuring reliable delivery over legal and transparent routes

Embark on your monetisation journey


Turn your A2P SMS into a major source of growing revenues


Ensure reliable traffic transport, clearly separated from A2P and P2A


Grow your P2A traffic through new cases and clear, transparent delivery


Combine the power of an app with the ubiquity of native SMS messaging

Safeguarding your interests

Messaging Hub is a one-stop-shop solution to help you manage all technical, commercial and legal challenges of the messaging business

Messaging Hub scope

Next level of control for your messaging traffic exchange

SMS collection and transit

  • Collects A2P traffic from all the prominent services worldwide​
  • Acts on behalf of MNO to collect all types of traffic i.e. OTP and promotional

Quality of service

  • Offers best quality routes to MNOs and Enterprises​
  • Maintain end to end transparency​
  • Geo redundancy​
  • 24/7 technical support​

Filtering and antispam services

  • Monitor A2P, P2P and P2A traffic
  • Traffic trend analysis​
  • Firewall – Antispam​


  • 1700+ services database​
  • 70+ industry verticals​
  • 3700+ content examples​
  • 2300+ original IDs
  • 30+ ​languages

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Our partnership with GMS enabled us to seamlessly deliver all types of messaging around the world. A2P, P2P and P2A have been brought into a single hub, which gives us much better control over our traffic and its associated revenues.

Mr Mukti A Bidari 

VAS/ILD/Roaming & Data (HoD)


Empowering businesses to build connections, drive
engagement, and accelerate growth


are Highly Satisfied


Mobile operators

in 200 countries


Years of leadership

in the market


ISO/IEC 27001

and ISO 9001

8 bn

messages processed
per year


With the participation of mobile operators from across the globe, GMS has been recognised as a Tier 1 vendor in A2P SMS messaging. MNOs clearly admire the company which has been praised on their great technical support and the security of their SMS service. MNOs also indicated that GMS excels as a customer-oriented vendor. Congratulations to the team for this achievement.”

Jason Bryan

CEO, ROCCO Research

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