Unbreachable networks start with testing

Testing Services is a major component of the
GMS Messaging Protection programme

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Testing Services offers you full pro-active detection and control over fraudulent activities

What you'll get

  • Results of the investigation of complex manipulation scenarios
  • Rapid manipulation reporting
  • Identification of grey routes and open links ​used to bypass authorised channels
  • Understanding of market rates to terminate ​A2P traffic
  • Guided overview of fraudulent activities ​like SIM boxes, flash calls, smishing and malware

Your needs come first

A one-size-fits all solution is no solution

Testing Services is based on a building block approach
It’s a unique and fully customisable offer

health check

  • Multiple testing simulations of A2P traffic
  • Testing scenario for top services


  • Service-wise tests simulations of A2P traffic
  • Identification of firewall bypass manipulations

Available routes

  • Successful delivery ratio and corresponding available rates of A2P traffic
  • Continuous tests of the quality and validity of all available and working routes


Estimate of grey traffic and revenue loss
  • Analysis of internal factors impacting SMS revenue
  • Comparison of test results with real traffic stats to identify possible traffic and revenue losses

Flash call

  • Identification of suspected numbers
  • Redirection of authentication back to A2P OTP channel​

and analytics

  • Test results in a meaningful format​
  • Identify loopholes and grey areas​
  • Granular level visibility on the performance of every service

Protect your network from fraud and revenue loss

Proactively detect fraudulent activities
and identify network vulnerabilities

Messaging Protection Components:

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GMS has been a strong supporter of Telecom Armenia, working with us on network security and managed services for many years. During our cooperation period we were satisfied with provided services. We look forward to our continued partnership with GMS.”

Irina Poghosova

Head of Roaming Department


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are Highly Satisfied


Mobile operators

in 200 countries


Years of leadership

in the market


ISO/IEC 27001

and ISO 9001

11 bn

messages processed
per year


With the participation of mobile operators from across the globe, GMS has been recognised as a Tier 1 vendor in A2P SMS messaging. MNOs clearly admire the company which has been praised on their great technical support and the security of their SMS service. MNOs also indicated that GMS excels as a customer-oriented vendor. Congratulations to the team for this achievement.”

Jason Bryan

CEO, ROCCO Research

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