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Global Message Services AG and its affiliates (“GMS”, “we” or respectively “us” / “our”) use small data files i.e. cookies and similar technologies (“Cookies”) when you visit and brows our website.

This Cookie notice (“Cookie Notice”) describes GMS’ practices in relation to Cookies and provides other relevant details about the usage of the Cookies across our website. These details include information like a description of what Cookies are, the types of Cookies we use, the purpose of the Cookies, as well as your rights in relation to Cookies.

Please read this Cookie Notice carefully to understand what information we collect through Cookies when you visit our website. In addition, you may also review our Privacy Notice in order to understand what personal information we collect, process, transfer or use, when you use our website.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files i.e. pieces of information stored on your computer or mobile device by your Internet browser when you visit our website.

Cookies employed through our website are used to optimize your digital experience and the functionality of our website by giving you a unique experience when you browse our website. Cookies enable us to better understand your needs, improve our website, as well as troubleshoot any problems and monitor our own performance.

Depending on the types of the Cookies you have allowed from our website, we may collect different information about you, such as how you arrive at and use our website or your IP address.


Types of Cookies

First-party cookies are Cookies which belong to us and are employed by our website itself when you are visiting it.

Third-party cookies are Cookies placed by third parties when you use our website. These third-party Cookies may be placed on your computer or mobile device by a third party that is providing a service for us, for example Google Analytics, for the purpose of improved market research.

Session cookies are Cookies created temporarily and are placed on your device only during your browsing session through our website and will be deleted once you close the browser. A browser session starts when you open your browser and finishes when you close it.

Persistent cookies remain on your device even after you close the browser. They will stay saved on your browser until you delete them or until they expire, whichever comes first.


What Cookies does GMS use?

On our website we use combination of first- and -third-party Cookies, as well as session and persistent Cookies. GMS has divided these Cookies into “strictly necessary” and “supplementary” Cookies.

“Strictly Necessary Cookies” are essential for the full functionality of our website and therefore we may store these Cookies on your device only, if they are strictly necessary for the operation of our website.

“Supplementary Cookies” may be used for content and ads personalization as well as for gathering analytics data. Supplementary Cookies are divided into:

  • Functional Cookies – help you remember your preferences and settings. Your preferences (such as language or layout) are saved via these Cookies; the next time you visit, our website will recognize these settings and deliver the customized version to your browser.
  • Performance Cookies – by collecting and reporting information anonymously, these Cookies help GMS to understand how our website visitors interact with website. They also help us to detect various attacks on our website.
  • Marketing Cookies – are used to track visitors of our website across other websites. By doing so, they help us deliver more relevant advertising. Such ads are more valuable both for you and for the advertisers. 
  • Unclassified Cookies – these Cookies are in the process of being classified, together with the providers of individual cookies.

You may find out more on each Cookie category we use in our Cookie Notice Tool, including their specific designation, provider, purpose description, as well as their individual lifespan.

The Cookie Notice Tool on our website is provided by Cybot A/S, Denmark (Cookiebot).


How to control and delete Cookies?

Within your browser, you may choose whether you wish to accept Cookies or not. Different browsers make different controls available to you.

First-party Cookies can be disabled throughout our website. However, you cannot turn off “Strictly Necessary Cookies” as our website will not be able to function. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to GMS placing “Strictly Necessary Cookies” on your computer or mobile device as set forth herein. If you do not wish to accept “Strictly Necessary Cookies” in connection with your use of this website, you must stop using the website.

In order to make this website better for visitors and promote it, it is our legitimate interest to place Functional, Performance and Marketing Cookies on your device as well. If you do not wish to accept these Supplementary Cookies, you can anytime either:

A) Change your preferences by turning off each Supplementary Cookie type in the Cookie Notice Tool; and

B) Remove Supplementary Cookies by deleting them using your internet browser settings.

To find out more on how to control Cookies using your browser, visit one of the links Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.

Third-party Cookies are regulated by the third-party websites and their respective cookie policies. As we do not own these cookies, you cannot control them through our website. However, you may adjust your browser settings to block the use of third-party Cookies. You can disable most of third-party behavioral advertising cookies by visiting the 

In case you disable the Cookies on our website, you will still be able to browse our website but may experience difficulties when browsing it or certain functions may not work in the intended usual way.


Amendments and changes

From time to time this Cookie Notice may further be amended and updated in commercial context or due to legislative changes. Please review this Cookie Notice periodically for changes.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Cookie Notice or you have any feedback or suggestions to make this Cookie Notice better, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer via email

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