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GMS AI Chatbots solution for enterprises


A virtual assistant that never sleeps

Empower your teams, delight your customers and
optimise your processes with our always-on, smart,
scalable AI-powered chatbot solution


Chatbots for
Customer Care

  • Resolve problems faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost team productivity

Chatbots for HR
and Recruitment

  • Optimise costs
  • Raise employee engagement
  • Improve recruitment processes

Chatbots for Marketing
and Sales

  • Engage and win customers
  • Boost your conversion rates
  • Scale with no overheads

Build outstanding customer experiences at any touchpoint

No matter if your customer is shopping, browsing for information, booking a trip, or trying to submit a customer service ticket, GMS AI Chatbots will offer 24/7 guidance and care.

Your possibilities are endless – integrate with multiple channels and tools, monitor conversations, and seamlessly transfer to live agents when needed.

Talk to our experts today to create a perfect match for your specific needs

Enable a smart,
efficient and happy workforce

Engaged employees go the extra mile! Outperform your competitors by boosting your team’s productivity, removing repetitive tasks, and keeping your workforce informed.

Delight your customers anytime, anywhere

Seamlessly transfer
to live agent

your team

Multiple goals,
one solution

Customer Experiences

Faster time to resolution

  • FAQ resolution
  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Time-sensitive alert
  • Collecting feedback
  • Resolving complaints

Sales Automation

Improved engagements

  • Customer engagement
  • Appointments
  • Booking
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead nurturing
  • User retention

Product Promotions

Increased conversions

  • Personalised offers
  • Last-minute deals
  • Shopping assistance
  • Encouraging subscriptions

Human Resources

Productivity boost

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Onboarding
  • Interview scheduling
  • Vacations and sick leave
  • FAQ
  • Resource navigation

Social Media

Brand personalisation

  • Improved visibility
  • Real-time answers
  • Minimising support requests by helping resolve simple queries

Key features
and tools

The art of conversation made easy

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enables chatbots to understand human language. It helps them interpret and respond to what people say or write, making it easier for humans to interact with chatbot technology in a natural and intuitive way.

With over 20 languages, our conversational AI solution enables brands to communicate seamlessly and provide excellent customer experiences across the globe.

Proactive messaging uses machine learning algorithms to analyse behaviors and engagement patterns. It allows our AI Chatbots to automatically send personalised messages at strategic times to encourage interaction. This feature increases engagement and provides proactive support to your customers without requiring them to initiate the conversation first.

Our solution can seamlessly integrate with multiple channels and systems. You may want to activate the most popular messaging channels to boost customer experience, or integrate with your key software like CRM to increase the efficiency of your team.

Our AI-powered chatbot has a short-term memory feature that allows it to retain information for a brief period to facilitate the conversation in real-time. Its long-term memory feature on the other hand enables it to recall information from previous interactions to provide a more seamless user experience in future conversations.

Our AI Chatbots Platform comes with advanced analytics that allows you to track user interactions and analyse chatbot performance, providing insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. You can use these insights to optimise the user experience, and drive better business outcomes.

Import your Natural Language Understanding (NLU) chatbots from an Excel sheet in only couple of clicks.

Leverage ChatGPT to generate immediate responses to customer queries based on your internal resources.

Flexibly deploy GMS AI Chatbots in AWS or Azure clouds to ensure convenience and resource optimisation.  


deployment plans

You decide how much support you need

We’ll match your exact capabilities and needs! We offer a ready-to-use solution as well as full deployment and management service within our CX Consultancy and Support plan.

Need more details? Book a short call with our experts.


Your questions answered

Conversational AI is a technology that enables machines to understand and interpret human language in natural, conversational way. It allows them to interact with humans through text, speech and other methods of communication, thanks to machine learning and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities.

You may build your AI-powered chatbot on your own, through our user-friendly Chatbot Building Platform, using our templates and resources. You may also decide to use our CX Consultancy and Support plans – our experts will provide full service on your request.

Not sure what your need? Book a free consultation

Chat automation is the process of automating conversations between customers and businesses. This technology can help enterprises save time and resources by automating routine interactions, while also providing customers with quick and efficient support and assistance.

Chat automation can be script-based, with limited capabilities and results, or powered by AI.

Yes, our solution is an AI-powered, goal-oriented chatbot.

A goal-oriented chatbot helps customers accomplish tasks or achieve specific objectives by guiding them through a series of steps or actions. It uses Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning algorithms to understand user input and provide relevant responses and suggestions to facilitate goal achievement.

There is a substantial difference between regular chatbots and AI-powered ones.

The difference lies in the technology used to power them. Regular chatbots follow pre-programmed rules and can only respond to specific keywords or phrases. On the other hand, AI-powered chatbots utilise AI technologies, such as natural language understanding and machine learning, to understand the intent behind user queries and provide more intelligent responses.

AI-powered chatbots can learn from past interactions and improve their performance over time, while regular chatbots are limited to the rules programmed into them.


Flexible service plans

We’ll match your exact capabilities and needs.
We offer ready-to-use solutions as well as full deployment
and management support – you decide.

AI Chatbots
Out of the box

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AI Chatbots
Starter Support

What you’ll get:

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AI Chatbots
Service 360°

What you’ll get:

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