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GMS Messaging Protection provides mobile operators with better network control and traffic transparency for A2P, P2P and P2A messaging, while significantly improving the overall monetisation experience.

Messaging Business Assessment

What you need
  • Full visibility of A2P, P2P and P2A traffic

  • Detailed roadmap to plan and execute monetisation initiatives and to improve the quality of service
GMS Messaging
Business Assessment
What you'll get
  • Technical, commercial, legal and operational 360ºassessment programme

  • Actionable and detailed messaging business overview report
Pinpoint the reasons for A2P revenue losses to optimise monetisation

Testing Services

Threat Detection
What you need
  • Identify emerging threats to bypass legal channels

  • Determine weak spots responsible for bad quality and gauge impact on compromised services (Mobile Apps)
GMS Testing Services
What you'll get
  • Extensive fraud detection programme

  • Penetration testing

  • Proactive and timely identification of existing and emerging vulnerabilities on a regular basis
Learn more about pro-active detection and control over fraudulent activities

Firewall Deployment
and Management

Bypass of legal channels impacting QoS and messaging revenues
What you need
  • Protect the messaging network from prevailing and emerging threats

  • Latest tools and expertise to ensure strong and reliable protection from evolving threats
GMS Firewall Deployment
and Management
What you'll get
  • Latest, top-of-the-class SMS protection platforms coupled with dedicated experts available 24/7 to safeguard mobile networks across the globe

  • Strong knowledge and hands-on experience on a variety of SMS firewall platforms
Discover how to establish defense and continuously monitor your network

Messaging Hub

Hubbing Business Complexities
What you need
  • Handle technical, legal and commercial aspects behind aggregator, hubs and enterprise management

  • Secured routing for A2P, P2A, P2P
GMS Messaging Hub
What you'll get
  • Connectivity and constant dialogue with enterprises to collect, process and increase messaging traffic

  • Reliable wholesale messaging platforms offering high quality routes with maximum transparency and 24/7 availability
Ensure P2P, A2P, and P2A traffic delivery and revenue optimisation

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We’ve been working with GMS for a while now as our firewall provider. They do not only supply but also operate the firewall for us, securing our network. This is great as it enables us focusing on the rest of our business. We look forward to many more years of partnership with GMS.”

Tamar Kekelia 

Director of Customer Care Department


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With the participation of mobile operators from across the globe, GMS has been recognised as a Tier 1 vendor in A2P SMS messaging. MNOs clearly admire the company which has been praised on their great technical support and the security of their SMS service. MNOs also indicated that GMS excels as a customer-oriented vendor. Congratulations to the team for this achievement.”

Jason Bryan

CEO, ROCCO Research

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