Good old emails,
but better

Email API for businesses


Send, deliver, connect

Maximise your speed and delivery rates, while
optimising costs with our scalable Email API

Deliver on your
excellent customer
experience promise

Speed of delivery enables excellent customer experience and allows for better conversions. With 1300 email delivery per second, your customers are ensured to get the right message, at the right moment.


Build consistent customer journeys

Deliverability allows you to avoid breaks in customer journeys and ensure consistency in communications, therefore increasing customer satisfaction. With GMS Email API, 98.8% of emails are guaranteed to be delivered!

Ensure highest level of security and privacy

Our Email API is a GDPR-compliant solution. There is no need to upload or transfer any sensitive information and no customer data is stored on our servers.

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Email API at a glance

Speed, reliability and security
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Simple and quick integration process
  • Spam monitoring, blocking and notifications
  • Email tracking via webhooks
  • Domain reputation loss prevention – built-in functionality
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full Developer’s documentation

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