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GMS recently celebrated its 15th birthday earlier this year. It’s a big change going from where we started in 2006 with a small team based out of Eastern Europe to what is now a multinational global. Many of our earliest team members are still with GMS, but what is it like to work for GMS long term, and how has it changed over the years? What’s like to work in GMS?

We spoke to several members of the GMS family who have all worked different tenures:

Sam Harrison (GMS Blog Writer): Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do at GMS?

Sarah Keller: I am Chief Global Enterprise Officer (CGEO), and my role is to bring more “Enterprise balance” to GMS, which means directly connecting with Enterprises and OTTs. We have just finalised a Global Enterprise strategy with great support from our Product and Marketing teams. I am also responsible for Hubbing business development and strategic accounts.

Vitalii Androsiuk: I’m Head of R&D for PD (Product Department) at GMS, and I’m also responsible for internal software development.

Oleksandr Krasin: I’m a Senior Technical Support Engineer, and my primary responsibilities are supporting all GMS employees in case they need any assistance, advice, or they have any requests which are connected to our IT infrastructure or any software they use at work.

SH: How long have you been with GMS, and have you had any other roles here previously?

SK: October 2nd 2021, was my 6th anniversary. I started as the Account Director for Europe, then International Business Development Director, Strategic Account Director and now CGEO.

VA: Oh, I have a long and diverse history with GMS. I’ve been working for our company for almost seven years. Starting my career here in Operations Department as Support Manager, I was then promoted to VIP Customer Support Manager, then I led The Additional Products Management Unit for a short time. Then we started our partnership with Viber, and our collaboration was developing rapidly. So, I was requested to support this partnership. This was my starting point as Product Manager in the Product Department. After multiple changes inside our company and our department, I was promoted to Product Management Unit Manager, my last position before my current one.

OK: I started working for GMS on the 11th of March, 2020. It’s been a year and a half already, and I started here as a Technical Support Engineer.

SH: What do you love about our company culture?

SK: The sky is the limit. Work hard, get involved, and you can be a big part of our success here at GMS.

VA: GMS cares about all of its employees. We are flexible, and we are a client-oriented company. Because so many good people are working here, that all have different philosophies, cultures, vision, approaches etc., we have the opportunity to learn a lot, not just professionally but personally too. It’s a great place to work.

OK: I really like the culture of respect that we have here at GMS. I love that when I do good work, I am praised for it.

sara keller gms What's like to work in GMS

The sky is the limit. Work hard, get involved, and you can be a big part of our success here at GMS.
Sarah Keller, Chief Global Enterprise Officer

SH: What motivates you, or what are you driven by?

SK: Seeing your hard work result in something great. Feeling you are vital to the growth of the company. We can all do this, and it is just about how involved you want to be.

VA: To learn something new, to push myself in exciting and challenging projects and see my hard work pay off. Support from my colleagues is often the best motivator to be productive.

OK: The main thing in my everyday work that inspires me is a sincere “Thank You” from colleagues.

SH: How has GMS changed in the time since you started working here?

SK: When I joined, GMS was very well known in Ukraine and the CIS but not really recognised outside of that region. Now GMS is a global brand with a global team and global thinking.

VA: I started here when GMS had only 50 employees. It was very tough sometimes, but we had grand ambitions we were working towards. With a focus on our customers, we steadily grew as a company and as a reliable partner. Nowadays, we are a well-known company with trust, integrity, and transparency, a place where people want to be a part of something significant.

OK: Even over just 18 months, I have seen significant and rapid growth of the company: extending the BC Eurasia premises (after only a year we already don’t have enough space) and the upcoming opening of new offices abroad. It makes me feel confident in my personal and the company’s future, even in such an unstable worldwide situation caused by the pandemic.

SH: What has remote working during the pandemic and the new hybrid working arrangements with a return to the office been like for you?

SK: Remote working can be a little challenging, juggling work and family. I appreciate the opportunity to be in the office a few days a week to try and catch up with colleagues.

VA: Remote work has shown our mobility and that it is possible to perform our duties productively even when apart. Office work has its pros, like meeting people in person or quick discussions when dropping by a friend’s desk without the need to plan a separate meeting. Our new hybrid model should combine these advantages.

OK: Because lockdown had started before my employment, I was worried it would be difficult to get acclimated to GMS. But it was a new experience for everyone to work remotely, and we had had to help each other get to know how to solve everyday tasks without eye-to-eye contact. For now, I’m happy to have the ability to use hybrid working — combining the time economy of remote work and, on the other hand, the ability to be involved in office life.

SH: What do you like to do outside of the office?

SK: I have a husband, two kids and a hamster which all keep me busy enough, but I also like to play badminton and fence occasionally. I also like meeting friends to enjoy good food and wine.

VA: I’m a big sports fan. I like to play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ping pong, billiards, bowling and many other sports. I’m always open to playing something new too, like baseball, cricket etc.

OK: Outside of the office, I like to go karting, cycling and I play football on Thursdays with my colleagues.

SH: Your top tip for newcomers?

SK: Embrace any challenge GMS throws at you, don’t be afraid to say you “don’t know”, but be equally ready to learn and develop.

VA: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more, the better. You just need to find the right person and be ready to be a quick learner. Think outside the box and do more than just what is required. Don’t be afraid to share ideas.

OK: Always be curious, empathic and have a positive attitude.

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