Interview with ROCCO Research: The number one way to elevate your CX

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Sending the right message at the right time, and in the right channel, to the right audience can significantly improve customer engagement, leading to higher conversions.

In this exclusive interview, Jason Bryan, CEO, ROCCO Research, speaks to Sarah Keller, Chief Global Enterprise Officer, GMS, about how having a holistic view of customer data, as well as quality message delivery through trusted and transparent channels, can help brands take their CX to the next level.

Find out more about what GMS is working on in this space and the success formula behind its Tier One ranking in ROCCO’s A2P SMS Vendor Benchmarking report 2022 – Enterprise Edition. 

Watch the interview to hear Sarah’s unique perspectives on:

  • How smarter solutions can help enterprises analyse and harness the vast amount of customer data to create tailored communications
  • The ways in which SMS Messaging and CPaaS can assist small to medium enterprises
  • How GMS bridges the information and solutions gap between the Enterprise and the MNO while driving quality and reliability in all areas to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained

Watch the full interview here:

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