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Over the last two decades, we have continuously innovated and expanded our global network to provide our customers with communications solutions that build trust, and deliver legitimate, transparent messaging services. Our understanding of MNO and enterprises messaging business, expertise in network protection, and global connectivity have set the foundations for this next step in our journey as we move towards the future: AI-driven communications solutions.

Now more than ever, our clients’ customers are seeking better engagement and seamless experiences. In a complex, saturated and accelerating world, meeting heightened customer demand for better experiences is becoming ever more challenging. GMS’ redefined business strategy focuses on working with clients to identify opportunities for growth and co-create secure, AI communications solutions that deepen engagement and improve customer experiences. 

Leading creators of value in the communication world

We are at the forefront of global communications solutions, empowering our partners to bring true value into every conversation.

Working hand-in-hand, we identify opportunities for growth, create secure and engaging AI-driven solutions that build trust between brands and their audiences to enable next-generation customer experiences.

For almost 20 years, our track record of excellence is a testament to our expertise in the world of communication. It speaks to our integrity, agility, and commitment to our partners’ enduring success.

That’s why we are the strategic partner of choice helping world-class enterprises greenlight tomorrow.

To become the leading creator of value in the communication world.
To provide innovative solutions that build trust between our clients and their customers.
Our values
We are always open and transparent.
We learn and adapt quickly.
We are dedicated to deliver exceptional results.

GMS` new tagline is ‘Greenlight Tomorrow’. We interpret it as the signal to the world that a co-created future is in our hands. 

About GMS new brand identity

Our new identity reflects the company’s technological leadership and commitment to innovative solutions, maintaining the iconic three-circle symbol alongside a new lowercase wordmark for simplicity.

Soft connections between the green circles in the symbol are mirrored in the wordmark, creating a cohesive design. This sets the foundation for a brand language aiming to establish strong connections with customers, balancing precision and warmth. The green colour remains primary, supplemented by an extended palette supporting the tagline “Greenlight Tomorrow.” The typography blends refined serif and sleek sans-serif fonts for versatile communication.

Visual assets like art photography, illustration and iconography play a crucial role in expressing the brand consistently. Aligned with its strategic ambitions, this redesign positions GMS as an industry leader focused on exceptional client experiences built on creating trust through technological leadership and our commitment to innovation.

The new GMS logo represents a confident evolution from our previous design, embracing a tech-savvy aesthetic. Now featuring a new lowercase design that projects a friendly and approachable brand.

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