Sarah Keller: The way your SMS marketing messages are sent matters

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SMS has always been an efficient and cost effective way of connecting with customers and most recently it has seen renewed interest as a method of communication. Indeed, multiple research suggests that SMS has the highest engagement of all communications channels with 98% of messages opened within 5 mins of receipt.  In short, SMS is a powerful, simple, fast, personal and cost-effective way to reach consumers.   

Messages sent via grey routes can appear without a branded sender ID, raising questions on the authenticity of your brand and marketing message.

As a digital marketer, if you use text messages to build and protect your connection with a customer, it is worth reflecting on how your message reaches them, because what turns up and how it is received is determined by how it gets there. It can be very different from what you intended to send, if it takes a so-called ‘grey route’. 

Another example of a message sent via a grey route where special characters are not displayed correctly.

Sarah Keller, our Chief Global Enterprise Officer, has looked closely at the topic of grey routes, and how SMS is continuing to grow as a key channel for global brands for New Digital Age, a major digital marketing magazine. 

To see Sarah’s thoughts in full, click here.

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