Why Viber Considers Itself to Be the Most Secure Messaging App Around

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We live in insecure times. News of major data breaches which recently became public have users scared and worried about the situation. It has them thinking if their data is safe at all, wondering how they can ensure a high level of security. No one likes their personal stuff reaching the public domain without their knowledge or prior agreement. Messaging apps are making great efforts to reassure their clients that not all providers should be tarred with the same brush.

In the current scenario, it seems like a very good idea to remind the world exactly why Viber considers itself to be one of the most secure messaging apps around.

Viber cannot read or listen to any of your chats and calls

The end-to-end encryption Viber has in place ensures that they can’t read your personal chats, be they one-on-one chats, group chats, audio, or video calls. Viber uses end-to-end encryption by default which prevents them from having access to your messages at every stage. Simply put, this means that when you use Viber, all your private and group communications remain exclusively between you and the people you’re talking/writing to.

How does it work? End-to-end encryption scrambles messages sent from your device to the recipient’s device whereby only the receiving device can translate the messages into plain text. If the recipient’s phone is switched off or not connected to the internet, your message sits patiently on Viber’s servers (for a limited time) — still safe and encrypted — until their device is ready to receive it.

With Viber, you do not need to manually activate end-to-end encryption on your device, as this is automatically done by default in the app settings. So that is one less thing for you to bother about.

Viber’s true end-to-end encryption ensures that it cannot and does not listen in on your conversations converting your private chats into valuable data for advertisers.

Delete messages you regret sending at any point

Surely all of us have been in a situation where we send a message in the heat of the moment and regret it right after. Too late to retract? Not with Viber. Because Viber lets you delete any type of message you’ve sent, not only for yourself but for all chat participants. Without time limit. Delete immediately, or delete weeks, months or years later.

Viber was the first global messaging app to introduce the delete messages feature more than two and a half years ago. Since then, the feature has been used over 5 billion times!

Send messages that automatically disappear with Secret Chats

While Viber’s end-to-end encryption by default gives users peace of mind, certain messages require a heightened level of privacy. Sometimes you share sensitive information or pictures in your chats that you’d prefer to disappear automatically from the other person’s device once they’ve seen it.

Secret Chats lets you set a self-destruct timer for every message in your conversation which automatically deletes the message from the device upon reading. For example, if you wanted to share your credit card information, sending it via Secret Chat would be a very safe bet.

Messages in a Secret Chat can’t be forwarded, and screenshots are either totally unavailable or indicated by an instant notification in the chat screen. Secret Chats are marked by a lock icon in the chat list.

Hide sensitive chats from your chat list with Hidden Chats

Planning a surprise party for a friend in a group chat and want to be sure they don’t accidentally see it?

Hidden Chats lets you keep selected chats separate from your main chat list, so they don’t show up in your regular chat list. You can access Hidden Chats only with a PIN that you set.

Make no compromises when it comes to the privacy of your personal conversations data. Make sure your messages and calls are made on a messaging app that gives you 360° security and privacy measures. That’s Viber. A global messaging app that incorporates the four features described above. A totally different level of security.

Take no chances with your private conversations.

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