AI Chatbots for Finance Contact Centre

Learn how a large international bank improved customer care efficiency and achieved 75% recognition rate with AI Chatbots by GMS.

AI Chatbots for Finance Contact Centre Success Story

An international bank with over a hundred years of experience in delivering financial services to individuals and organisations. Serving more than 17 million customers, the company strives to continuously improve its customer care processes and deliver exceptional experiences both online and offline.


With consumers increasingly expecting financial institutions to provide personalised experiences and immediate responses, the client was looking to modernise its customer care processes and improve their overall efficiency.


With Natural Language Understanding (NLU) ability, multi-language support, unlimited integrations, and advanced analytics, AI Chatbots by GMS enabled the bank to build a powerful chatbot tailored to the bank’s specific needs.


  • Faster customer care resolution times
  • 75% accuracy in recognition (100-200 clients)
  • 10 weeks to launch

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