Middle Eastern MNO*

In the latter half of 2019, GMS helped a large Middle Eastern MNO with successful monetization of International A2P, P2P, P2A services and international connectivities.

*Anonymized due to NDA stipulations


The key challenge was a lack of clarity regarding the MNO’s traffic — both in terms of traffic types and their respective volumes. This in turn was caused by regulatory and contractual arrangements that often simply governed connectivity but made no allowances for the necessity of traffic differentiation. In some cases, there was little to no detail on traffic control.


GMS’ role was to offer a complete service aimed at reinvigorating the messaging business. Educating and informing the operator’s teams about the true revenue potential of their network laid the groundwork for differentiating traffic — separating it into A2P, P2A, and P2P, as well as distinguishing between international and national/local SMS traffic. On this basis it was then possible to implement the technical side of the process. This included firewall hardware and software installation, route testing on a service-by-service basis, traffic segmentation and routing, and further firewall management.


GMS began working with our partner on their Managed Services project in September 2019, with grey-route blocking being implemented in October. By the following January, we had managed to convince the operator of the value of the project, after they saw a rapid and significant increase in revenues and alongside greatly improved control over all traffic.

The principal benefits went beyond just this improved revenue generation. The operator gained a deeper understanding of — and control over — both their network and SMS traffic. As a result of the project they achieved:

  • Transparency of international and national traffic
  • A2P SMS monetized at appropriate rates
  • P2P traffic similarly monetised
  • Clear view of message categories, traffic volumes,
    and service profiles


Such transparency is invaluable to ongoing technical, security, and commercial initiatives.

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