Viber Business Messages by GMS helped Fishka Loyalty Programme and its filling station partner OKKO increase turnover through the OKKO PAY service by FISHKA by 40%.

Fishka is Ukraine’s largest multi-partner loyalty programme, which helps its 5.8 million members receive points every day for buying from programme’s partners. The programme unites 27 partners and more than 130 online stores.



Motivate customers to switch over to a safer contactless payment method, demonstrate Fishka & OKKO’s loyalty to their customers, and to increase the number of MyFishka mobile app downloads.


Using Viber Business Messages by GMS as one of the main communication channels to quickly draw attention to the possibilities and benefits OKKO PAY provides.


Since the lockdown was introduced, turnover through the OKKO PAY service has increased by more than 40%, the share of the contactless payments rose from 57% to 68, and finally, the share of the bank card payments grew from 41 to 45%.

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