“Time to Relax!” – Viber users have downloaded GMS’ sticker pack 544,170 times

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Great news: Viber users have downloaded GMS’ sticker pack “Time to Relax!” 544,170 times! It was available for Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus between March 13 and April 12. During this period, 1,305,767 users have received a total of 2,189,208 stickers. The most popular sticker was sent 238,000 times. As these are the results of a B2B segment enterprise, imagine the opportunities for B2C brands!

GMS' Viber Sticker Pack

Branded sticker packs are amongst the most popular types of native advertising (advertising, that blends with the content surrounding it), available for OTTs.

According to eMarketer’s report, digital display advertising in the US is now native. By the end of 2020, advertisers will devote almost two-thirds of their display budgets to native ads. On top of that, about 85% of the US native display ad market is targeted at mobile device owners. While social media is still the primary platform for native advertising, its presence on other platforms (OTTs included) grows as well.

As Viber stickers are the app’s innate feature, branded sticker packs are not perceived as an intervention of user’s privacy. Thus, a good sticker pack motivates the user sharing it with friends and family (on average, one sticker is sent 11 times). In the end, you entertain the user, while making them familiar with your brand at the same time.

GMS' Viber Sticker Pack | Use cases | examples

Viber stickers are a dynamic and vibrant instrument for any sort of enterprise. Contact GMS experts to learn, how you can improve your brand’s recognition today.

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