GMS Introduces New Features to Its CPaaS Solution

1 min read

GMS is proud to reveal the most recent additions to its Business Communications Suite, that will help our Enterprise clients grow engagement and use our CPaaS solution to its fullest.

Viber video sharing

According to surveys, 81% of marketers say video has directly helped them increase sales, and sharing videos is finally available in Viber! Now you can use your audience’s preferred messaging channel to engage them by sending videos, as well as combinations like video and text, or video, text, and a button.

Updated analytics

To provide our customers with the best possible data to inform their marketing activities we have again improved the analytics offered by our Business Communications Suite.

Firstly, we have simplified the way you access your analytics for API users. Now there is no need to separately check your campaign stats via the API and on the Web UI, as you can send a simple special API request to see statistics on all campaigns within a selected period.

Also, we have added a whole new parameter for you to review – “Country”. You can find this in the “Table Reports” under “Statistics”.

User Interface improvements

We are also working hard to continuously improve our solution to provide you with a better experience. As such, we have recently added a fourth language, Croatian! This joins English, Ukrainian and Russian as fully translated Web UI languages and can be selected from the language list.

Finally, we have also added some disclaimers and pop-up warnings to the system to support you and help you get the most out of the platform. These will appear in the “Statistics” section of the Web UI to help you find SMS parts or SMS statistics faster.

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