Capacity’s Messaging and SMS World 2023 recap: CPaaS success and chatbot use cases growing

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Last week, Vova Gerneshii, Product Director, Enterprise, ext., at GMS joined the biggest players in the messaging industry for Capacity’s Messaging and SMS World 2023 event in London. Vova took part in two-panel discussions on CPaaS and AI chatbots.  This week, we’re recapping his key takeaways from each: 

Developing the CPaaS proposition in a data-driven world  

Vova’s first panel looked closely at how CPaaS is becoming a big part of the product strategy for aggregators. With 95% of CPaaS revenue still SMS, and around 80% spent on messaging linked to communications platforms designed not to generate responses, according to Mobilesquared, developing a greater level of two-way engagement will be key to the future success of the channel. The panel discussed what CPaaS would look like and where SMS’ place is in it, the role of telcos in the CPaaS space, as well as CCaaS development as an evolution of CPaaS. 

The panel agreed that CPaaS is a complex and specialised business to run – operators either require a fully managed solution (platform + GTM know-how) or access to 

white-label platforms. The panel then discussed the multiple models and ways for operators to become part of the CPaaS playground, and how they can complement each other. This includes enabling network APIs and exposing those to businesses, partnering with a white-labeled solutions provider like GMS, and creating a marketplace with embedded operators’ APIs. It was also agreed that 5G could unlock even more potential for the CPaaS space in the future. 

One of the key points of discussion to close out the panel was a focus on success in CPaaS, and how operators should make it a priority in their B2B business strategy and dedicate focus and resources to capitalise it.  

How digital experiences are changing through AI chatbots 

The focus of this next panel was on how conversational AI is becoming a strong enabler in optimising digital experiences, driving revenue potential with enriched human-like interactions through automated messaging and voice-enabled applications. Vova and the other panellists analysed how AI chatbots are transforming customer communication for businesses. 

A key takeaway from this discussion was how AI chatbots could serve any use case that a business is able to identify – small, complex, or in-between. This could vary from predicting crop growth for farmers to enabling friendly customer support for enterprises.  

The discussion then turned to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  including Generative AI. The panel agreed that this is becoming an important tech layer for customer interactions everywhere, including chatbots. The growth of chatbots has coincided with solutions for proactive customer support becoming a major trend and requirement for businesses.  

Thank you 

Thank you to Capacity Media for hosting such a great event! We’re looking forward to the next one. 

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