Celebrating GMS’ 14th Anniversary

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In June, GMS is celebrating its 14th birthday. We have come a long way, and now both the employees who started the company and the new generation of experts work together shoulder-to-shoulder. Our colleagues from all over the world have shared their impressions of this exciting journey.

gms sergii sushchenko GMS 14th Anniversary

Every day here is like no other: there are so many ambitious projects, different tasks, and new opportunities. Every new project is more difficult than the previous one. Starting as Ukrainian startup, GMS has followed a unique direction to become the Global company. I remember the time when our team became multinational and it was a challenge for all. It is a great experience to work shoulder-to-shoulder with colleagues representing different nationalities and with partners all over the world.

When I came to GMS our operator connection map needed only a piece of A4 paper with GMS’ logo in the middle and less than 25 operators around to represent the protocol we use to terminate traffic and redundant route (if existing). It was so exciting to draw every new partner’s logo. We were developing constantly. Nowadays I believe we need to have a wall in the office to draw our coverage of more than 200 direct connections.

I’m proud of our team, which does its best to make all changes happen. I see how young, talented specialists with burning eyes are becoming high-skilled professionals. We are so crazy about the things we really like.

gms sarah keller GMS 14th Anniversary

GMS has grown considerably since I joined in 2015. Every team has its responsibility, but we are united in our commitment and dedication. I love the fact that our unicity is able to achieve new height. GMS recognises talent and tries to build and develop that talent both for the individual and for the benefit of GMS. We just even have “Global Stars” recognition program that honours GMS people who deliver exemplary quality work throughout the year and stay true to our company’s values.

An established company but still with an element of “start-up” mentality means all ideas can be voiced and considered and, in many cases, acted on.

gms artem tretiakov GMS 14th Anniversary

It is always great to know that you grow together with the company. I’ve passed all growth stages from GMS’ “Global Start” internship program through to engineer and senior engineer positions, to become unit manager within 2 years! I’m sure new achievements are waiting for me ahead ?

It doesn’t matter who you are — intern or manager — your idea, opinion, or thought is heard. You can contribute both to the division and company life.

The main message I’ve revealed here: “It is up to YOU! Your hard-working and persistence will be rewarded.”

gms amer siraj GMS 14th Anniversary

Just coming out of the Middle Eastern Telecom market I was given immense opportunities at GMS to innovate, fail fast, relearn and keep going. All of this is possible with access to and support from the management.

Within these 3 productive and active years I have learned 2 important lessons:

  • Pace of growth is directly proportioned to empowering teams in the technology industry. I am glad we have empowerment at the regional level making it easier to position ourselves strongly against our competitors.
  • Cross functional team management, openness and challenging the status quo brings up new ideas for growth at GMS. We are following one aim and doing our best together. I appreciate colleagues who are always supportive to help dealing with challenges.

Now, GMS is positioned as a serious player in the views of large telecom groups and big enterprises.

I wish to expand our line of business to challenge other verticals.

gms vitaliy gardyuto GMS 14th Anniversary

“Impossible is possible,” Iurii Makarenko’s, GMS’ founder’s, quote that became a reality. I’m proud of our young, proactive, professional team which always keeps improving, shares opinions, and defends ideas while remaining ready for dialogue. GMS’ management encourages brave decisions and invests in cheeky initiatives.

During 7 years our technical opportunities have developed rapidly. It’s difficult to believe but we needed only 4 months to open our own platforms and network infrastructure in one of the best Swiss Data Centres. We have also implemented operator-level GMS Business Communications platforms with a high carrying capacity for OTT traffic.

gms farhod mukhitdinov GMS 14th Anniversary

I’ve joined GMS when it was already an international business but since that time the company has changed a lot! Comparing my business card now and just 4 years ago, you’ll understand what I mean? Our rebranding in 2017 turned another success page in GMS’ story — time to shout about ourselves loudly thanks to strong marketing and PR campaigns. GMS’ booth and meeting rooms at world-famous international exhibitions (ITW, MWC Barcelona, WAS) are always bright and stylish. Our brand became more recognisable, the reputation — stronger, partners — more loyal.

Due to stable development and learning, we are proud to grow to a level where we are sharing our knowledge and acting as an expert in world telecom trends. GMS’ articles have great popularity among the industry press, our colleagues are speakers at many world congresses. In 2019 GMS also organised the first and an exclusive event in Ukraine — the Mobile Marketing Forum. I’m proud that we conduct training for our partners and mobile operators helping them to grow and develop business.

In this whirlpool of challenges, GMS has managed to save its identity and integrity, continue being an ambitious player ready to risk and treating its TEAM as the biggest treasure.

gms nataliia kovalenko GMS 14th Anniversary

GMS has changed significantly through these years, but two things have remained the same: our team spirit and confidence in the future.

We’ve managed to save our sincerity, tenderness and warm atmosphere inside the team. Now our #GMSFamily is about 300 members united by one spirit. We are good both at working or having fun. Our corporate life is always memorable and emotional.

We’ve been surviving several world economic crises and the current quarantine, but I always feel myself safe. The company has always supported and taken care of its employees. We are surviving all challenging times together.

I am grateful to GMS for confidence in my future!

gms ivetta talapova GMS 14th Anniversary

It was just the Idea, the first brick of the future foundation. Belief in victory, unity of idea and energy make me fell in love with GMS.

And it started… years of meticulous non-stop work. Integrating every detail into a single company mechanism carefully, investing a part of ourselves, we were able to revive the Idea in reality.

What makes GMS different from other companies for me? — this is always the highest standard in everything. We are not afraid of high peaks, not afraid of wanting, not afraid of the wind of change. The incredible GMS Team, every day proves that “impossible is possible” when there are an Idea and Team!

Now GMS is turning over a new page in its history — entering new markets, meeting big telecom associations. In the race for excitement and adult peaks, it is important to maintain balance and not lose previous achievements. When you climb a steep peak, any climber knows how important it is to find the right rock.

“Time to gather stones”…

gms artem volobuev GMS 14th Anniversary

GMS didn’t become as it is now in one day. It was a scrupulous and persistent work day-by-day. Every achievement is the next step towards further development.

GMS seems like a skyscraper where every brick is valuable and makes it higher and higher. GMS has grown by developing its talents. I think our main strength is sticking firmly to our aims. We treat difficulties as challenges that help us to become better, to be on the move. GMS sets high standards for itself, its quality of services, and its business approach.  

gms hendry soong

Since joining GMS, I have learned that people here as individuals are at their core: very friendly, caring, funny, and open-minded. While, as colleagues, we share common traits in being hardworking, determined, and persistent — all of which I have grown to admire and appreciate. My team consists of experts from Western and Eastern Europe, and, having plunged into the GMS family culture, I found many interesting similarities between Singaporean and Ukrainian cultures.

At GMS employees are strongly encouraged to bring their knowledge, skills, initiatives, and ideas to life — thereby empowering individuals and teams towards contributing directly to the development of the company. Coupled with a management team that actively supports ambitious individuals in their career growth, you cannot help but remain excited about the future possibilities with GMS.

Happy birthday, GMS!

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