GMS at MEF Connects Personal Data & Identity

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The MEF Connects Personal Data & Identity (PD&I) event was held on May 10th and 11th in London. At this first-of-its-kind conference centred around all things PD&I, attendees learnt how to leverage personal data and identity to serve the connected individual along the customer journey, streamline operations, and combat fraud.

Vladimir Gerneshii, Head of Product Strategy and GTM at GMS, was happy to join Lee Suker, Head of Authentication and Number Information at Sinch and Tim Ward, VP of Number Information Services at XConnect, in the Reinforcing Trust in Connections, Communication, Commerce panel discussion.

With trust being the cornerstone of successful interaction between businesses and individual consumers, the conversation covered ways to optimise business processes and the steps necessary for enhancing the customer experience. Here are the key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Optimising outbound messaging traffic calls for tools that can help Enterprises identify and cut out invalid and non-existing numbers, as these can constitute up to 10% of originating traffic
  • Initiatives like MEF’s Trust in Enterprise Messaging are vital for reassuring subscribers that the Sender/Caller IDs they are being reached through are legitimate, alleviating their potential concerns and making the user experience more relaxed
  • The balance between security and a seamless customer journey is another essential aspect of successful interaction between the enterprise and the consumer. Introducing security measures that the end-user is actually going to follow is as important as ever, and A2P SMS remains a great tool to achieve this compromise
  • The success of Enterprises and their clients in upcoming years would largely depend on the ability to build seamless, unobtrusive, and predictable customer journeys.

You may watch the full video recording here.

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