How Are Brands Successfully Communicating during Quarantine?

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What does an online showroom have in common, with self-isolation in nature and the use of advanced analytical models for more precise targeting? All these are steps brands are taking to make their customers’ lives better, despite the situation faced by both businesses and consumers.

We sincerely rejoice when GMS products help our customers keep in touch with their clients. And in this material, we want to share the stories and practical experience of three companies that have been able to successfully adapt their strategies during the enforced quarantine.

How does advanced audience analysis help COMFY reach customers?

Comfy GMS Viber Business Messages branding during quarantine

With the onset of the quarantine, COMFY, the first omnichannel retailer of household appliances and electronics in Ukraine, set itself the main task of maintaining contact with their customers and to inform them about activities on an ongoing basis.

During this period, the online store became their main platform for sales. In addition to experiments with local mailings in cities where stores were temporarily closed, the company used Viber Business Messages from GMS, which helped to attract customers who previously made purchases only in physical stores.

The company began to select the content of communications more carefully for each group of customers. They are paying attention to the frequency of notifications and the separate management of Viber and SMS channels, using scoring models (segmentation of customers into different groups) based on subsequent analysis of their reporting data.

COMFY intends to continue to the practice of personalised communication after quarantine. The company believes that success is necessarily based on behavioural analysis to offer customers what they need now, or what they most likely will need in the future.

How does an online showroom help Mercedes boost sales despite quarantine?

Mercedes-Benz dealer center branding during quarantine

Realising that even under quarantine conditions, customers still have a desire to buy a car, Automobile House Ukraine, the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer centre in the country, quickly responded to the situation quickly by creating a virtual showroom, where it presented the entire showroom in an online format.

Connoisseurs of the brand could get acquainted with the interior and exterior of affordable cars from the comfort of their own homes. For those who have expressed a desire to buy a car, the company has created the safest conditions for customers’ health, strictly adhering to all sanitary standards.

Thanks to Viber Business Messages and SMS messaging from GMS, Automobile House Ukraine remains in touch with customers, informs them about products, services and work schedule changes, and in particular, about a new, safe alternative to visiting a car dealership.

How were customers of the “ShyshkіNN” spa hotel able to spend self-isolation in comfort?

How were customers of the "ShishkіNN" spa hotel able to spend self-isolation in comfort branding during quarantine

It would seem that during the global pandemic, the hotel business was supposed to be without guests and halt all activity.

The ShyshkіNN proved that this is not so, by offering to customers safe conditions in their forest cottages complete with all safety precautions. To tell customers about the opportunity to get out of their homes walls and enjoy relaxing outdoors, “ShyshkіNN” relied on a communication channel convenient for its customers — Viber Business Messages from GMS.

The result was not long in coming: customers are aware of special offers, the business continues to work, bookings are increasing, and brand recognition is maintained.

How do you analyse and understand which tool your brand needs to communicate with customers? How does “advertising in Viber” differ from “Viber Business Messages” and how do you build the most effective marketing strategy using multichannel communications? Contact GMS experts and they will help you determine the best solutions for branding during quarantine.

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