News Roundup: April 2022

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Don’t worry we’re not going to make an April Fool out of you, any big news stories from the telecoms and business messaging world you might have missed are collected below. 

WhatsApp seemingly preparing to launch a subscription for advanced business messaging features

We’ve been seeing reports (like this one from iMore) this month that WhatsApp is preparing to launch a new subscription service for its business messaging customers. The only new advanced feature that’s been announced is an increase in the devices able to access the account from 4 to 10. There are as yet no timelines or any pricing details for the new subscription. 

WhatsApp has made it clear that there is going to be no change for existing subscribers, and the new subscription features will be additive in nature, rather than removing features currently available and moving them to this new service. 

Juniper Research interviews Karine Dussert-Sarthe, EVP Orange Innovation Marketing & Design, Orange Group, about the future of 5G 

5G is a big topic in the telecoms world right now, and it doesn’t feel like that’s going to stop being the case any time soon. Recently the analysts at Juniper reached out to Karine Dussert-Sarthe, EVP Orange Innovation Marketing & Design to talk about what Orange is thinking about the future of the technology. 

She had some interesting things to say in the interview:

  • 64% of companies surveyed said that 5G will improve their offering or bring them new business opportunities 
  • 72% of them said they were expecting support from their operator on 5G 
  • More than 800 companies are using the Orange 5G Lab service to support their adoption 
  • Future of 5G depends on coverage, device availability and marketing push 

Recently we released our own analysis into the world of 5G and how it affects business messaging; take a look at this.

New whitepaper from Juniper: Omnichannel Loyalty — The Future of the Digital Loyalty Market

This month Juniper research also published a new white paper about digital loyalty programmes.

Juniper’s whitepaper contains a lot of analysis on the topic, but the headlines for mobile marketers are:

  • Loyalty is moving at a pace from physical (punch cards etc.) to digital 
  • Loyalty programmes can build trust between your brand and your customers 
  • Focus on repeat customers to unlock the potential of your loyalty offering 
  • Loyalty programmes are a great source of customer insights 
  • There is a shift from traditional loyalty programmes to more emotional ones 
  • Loyalty should be communicated using multiple channels

You may learn about the ways you can amplify your loyalty programmes with GMS Business Communications Suite

GMS supports International Telecoms Week 2022 with Bronze Sponsorship 

A bit of GMS news to finish off the month, as we are very excited to announce that we are bronze sponsors for International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2022. ITW is the world’s largest gathering of global executives from the telecommunications and ICT Infrastructure ecosystem, and a must-attend event for anybody who is pioneering the future of communication. Alongside meetings, the conference provides access to over 150 C-level experts, ready to share insights and new announcements from across the industry.

GMS works with both MNOs and enterprises, bringing the mobile messaging ecosystem together. We believe that supporting and participating in events like ITW is an absolute must for companies leading our industry into the future. 

Sarah Keller, our Chief Global Enterprise Officer, will be attending on behalf of GMS, and we have a private meeting room in suite 5,000 on floor 5. If you’d like to meet Sarah and discuss our tailored messaging solutions for your business, you can book a meeting.

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