Secure Your Mobile Marketing Communications with Viber Business Messages

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Business Messages Communication is fundamental to what might be called human nature, and today a lot of that communication takes place over messaging apps. According to one report, 87% of people use a messaging app on at least a monthly basis, if not more often. It is no surprise, then, that many brands see this channel as a very promising customer engagement tool.

However these third-party “over-the-top” (OTT) messaging apps are not fully trusted: a survey carried out by the GSMA found that 58% of people were worried apps might be hacked, and 66% were concerned that messaging apps might access and misuse their communications. Enterprises should be forgiven for having similar concerns.

There is an expectation that interactions between a brand and a customer should be seen to be trustworthy and secure. Enterprises will also want to be sure their data is handled safely (even metadata as basic as whom you are contacting could be regarded as commercially sensitive).

A commitment to trusted messaging

To assure themselves that their mobile marketing messages are secure, brands should consider the experience of their messaging partner(s). One of the first OTT messaging apps to offer brands a platform was Viber, with Viber Business Messages. Since its inception this service has provided transactional and promotional messaging with complete discretion. Working with Viber, GMS has already successfully delivered campaigns for brands like Axa insuranceMetro, and UKRSIBBANK.

Messages sent over Viber are completely confidential. This is by design: as Viber’s Business Messaging white paper points out, Viber’s servers do not keep message contents or use it for any purpose other than to transmit the message itself. This has the added benefit of helping to ensure that any messages sent via the platform remain GDPR compliant.

Viber also uses “Green V”, a check mark that shows a brand has been verified which reassures users your communications are genuine. Since this is enabled by a Business ID associated with a limited number of IP addresses, it also allows brands and Viber to control communications and avoid imposters damaging your reputation.

“It is crucial for our partners to have a secure and effective channel of communication. That is why the biggest Ukrainian companies choose Viber and GMS to increase client engagement.”

Artem Doroshenko, Head of GMS’ Enterprise Relations Division

Secured and encrypted

The Viber app itself is protected from interference — no other app on the user’s device can access Viber messages — and this extends to how messages are transmitted.

Viber Business Messages are sent over HTTPS using a proprietary TCP (transmission control protocol), to ward off interception by hackers, and Viber has a long history of using end-to-end encryption. This means that messages remain secure and unreadable — even to Rakuten Viber — at every stage of transmission from sender to recipient.

Rakuten Viber have a detailed explanation of their encryption procedures available. The short version is that when a session is initiated (when a message is first sent) the devices at each end generate “keys” which allow them to encrypt messages when they are sent and decrypt them when they are received. Only the devices have these keys, so only they can access the contents of the message. Anyone else trying to view these messages would see only incomprehensible code — a “cipher.”

Viber encryption | GMS Viber Business Messaging viber business messages for mobile marketing communications


We live in an age when concerns over the security of data are growing. Given recent controversial revelations surrounding companies’ failure to protect users’ data, this is hardly surprising.

It is essential that enterprises who engage in mobile marketing also consider how their and their customer’s information is protected. Viber Business Messages prioritises user privacy and protection, and extends that same protection to enterprise partners who wish to communicate with their customers over an assured channel that gives those uses choices and confidence about how they are being contacted.

GMS has already helped numerous clients explore opportunities with Viber. Contact our team, or read Viber’s latest white paper, to find out more about sending rich, engaging, and above all secure messages to your customers.

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