Telecom News Roundup: September 2022

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This year’s September sure was chilly, so we bring you some hot industry news to warm you up for October!

Scammers attack UK consumers with fake energy support messages

According to BBC, the Heart of South West Trading Standards service has reported consumers in Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay being attacked by scammers using fake messages offering support with energy bills. The attack took the form of both phishing emails and SMShing, urging the subscribers to follow the links within messages to provide their personal details in exchange for a discounted bill. 

Scams like this are hugely and equally harmful to subscribers, enterprises the scammers pose as, and mobile network operators. While the consumers risk losing money, operators and enterprises can suffer massive reputational losses and subsequent churn. However, in situations like this, mobile operators can and should take action by introducing SMS firewalls.  

Juniper: A2P Messaging evolving from simple notifications to complex conversations

The A2P messaging market constantly evolves as new use cases are developed based on consumer demand. According to the new complimentary whitepaper by Juniper Research, the most recent change in A2P messaging involves an emphasis on the customer journey, in which conversations can happen across various messaging applications.   

 As conversational commerce becomes increasingly popular, Juniper experts quote chatbot implementation as a preferred solution for handling the growing number of conversations.

Top 10 AI Chatbots, according to eWeek

Brands worldwide are increasingly more interested in chatbots, as nowadays, customers need 24-hour access to someone who can provide an instant and accurate reply to their requests. With this in mind, eWeek has assembled a list of the best AI Chatbots that will help support your customers in any scenario, from healthcare to retail to entertainment and everywhere in between.  

However, simply setting up a chatbot is not enough. This article explains how to get the most out of your chatbot.

How Ukraine stays connected during the Russian invasion

Since the beginning of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, the Russian troops have repeatedly and deliberately attacked the civilian infrastructure, including telecoms infrastructure. Despite this, Ukrainian telco providers have been tirelessly keeping the country connected. 

Check out’s recent interview with Volodymyr Lutchenko, CTO of Ukrainian operator Kyivstar to learn more about the constant effort of the country’s telco community.

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