AI Chatbots for a Global Fast Food Customer Care

Learn how a fast food chain with over 20,000 locations increased customer care self-service rates by 30% with AI Chatbots by GMS.


A global fast-food restaurant chain with over 20,000 locations in more than 150 countries around the world. The company strives to create a lively and friendly atmosphere at all its locations, while also providing convenience through online delivery service which is supported by a dedicated customer care team.


To reduce the load on its Customer Care operators, the client was looking to implement AI chatbots that could help resolve common customer inquiries in minimum time. The company needed a solution that could use both scripted scenarios and natural speech recognition to handle customer requests.


AI Chatbots by GMS deployed in the public cloud and integrated into the client’s mobile application, WhatsApp channel, and CRM platform. The company also gained access to comprehensive analytics that included the number of dialogs, messages, and unique users, the average duration of the dialogue, dialog end reason, the percentage of completed dialogs by the bot, and the percentage of transfers to the operator.


  • Improved efficiency of customer support teams
  • 70% accuracy in request recognition
  • Up to 30% self-service rate
  • 10 weeks to launch

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