Nine out of 10 customers show a high level of satisfaction with GMS

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Nine out of 10 customers are highly satisfied with GMS, revealed the 2020 Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Survey. Over 200 GMS enterprise customers were invited to participate in the survey, which aimed to evaluate service quality and customer satisfaction.

According to the survey’s findings, GMS is perceived as a highly experienced and stable company that fosters long-term relationships, and as a reliable partner who puts the clients’ interests first. Customers reported an established and cooperative relationship with their account managers. They said that the high quality of services and support received is also one of their main reasons for choosing GMS.

GMS’ Chief Marketing Officer, Olha Velhus said:

“GMS has been continuously striving over the years to have a clear understanding of customers’ needs and interests, improve the customer experience, and ultimately bring progress to our partners. Seventy-one percent of GMS enterprise customers say that GMS improved its performance during the last year. These encouraging results are a testament to the hard work of our GMS team, who are dedicated to putting customers first.” 

While customers expressed a high level of satisfaction overall, they also suggested a few areas for improvement such as fine tuning the reporting and analysis tools on the GMS platform and speedier trouble shooting. In 2021, GMS will review its customers’ recommendations and continue to work on these areas to attain better service excellence, and increase customer loyalty and advocacy.

GMS’ Chief Business Development Officer, Yurii Pryima said:

As a customer-centric organisation, we embarked on several projects in 2020 that aimed to enhance our relationship with customers, and provide a more diverse and innovative products’ portfolio. These included team reorganisation and education as well as the development of new service standards. We are very encouraged by our customers’ high evaluation, and plan to continue investing efforts into improving our relationship in the future.”

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