Express emotions brightly with the new GMS stickers

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Did you know that more than 1 billion people in 193 countries use Viber, and a staggering 30% of them send stickers daily? Recently, our experts explained how stickers help convey and increase brand awareness, and as always GMS, in keeping with the trend, is introducing our very own brand-new Viber sticker pack.

Meet Globby, the GMS brand hero and the champion of our new Viber sticker pack “Time to Relax!”

Sticker pack characters help brands break down an entire story or complex ideas into accessible, easy-on-the-eye pictures or animations because words cannot always express our emotions brightly and succinctly.

Using stickers to convey thoughts and emotions makes it understandable to everyone, and lets one easily and effortlessly find a common language with a customer on a more casual, human level. It becomes a part of their everyday life and is used to communicate with colleagues, friends and family.

Our brand hero is not just a cute face but he introduces GMS to clients. The three circles he is formed by are the very same circles that are a part of our logo; and this three-circle image is what we see in a message window to indicate that your friend is typing a reply to your message; hence, an easy association with our core expertise: messaging.

GMS’ sticker pack «Time to Relax!» is already live in Ukraine and Belarus, simply search using the keyword GMS. Download and express your emotions brightly!

GMS will gladly undertake the turnkey creation of a sticker pack for your brand, providing a full package of services: from the design and creation of text for your branded sticker pack, their adaptation in accordance with the requirements of Viber, to their successful publication in Viber`s sticker market.

Do you have any questions about Viber stickers? GMS is an official partner of Viber since 2015. Talk to an expert by filling up the form below!

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