GMS Business Communications Suite — New Features

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We are constantly working on improving the GMS Business Communications Suite to make the experience of using our products comfortable and efficient. Several feature rollouts are planned for 2021, and we are happy to tell you about the updates of the recent months. In June, we added four new features, more on which below.

1. Click rate

The new metric that helps to track campaign performance. Click rate indicates the number of clicks on the link contained in successfully delivered messages.

2. Automated proportional campaign distribution

Automate proportional distribution of messaging throughout a chosen timeframe to keep complete control over the volume of calls, downloads or site visits.

3. Message preview

The function allows you to easily preview how your campaigns will look on the recipient‘s device.

4. Campaign templates

Save, edit and delete campaign templates. Choose among all crucial campaign components: images, links, call-to-actions, audio and video files, documents and address lists.

If you want to know more about the GMS Business Communications Suite‘s new features, contact us or reach out directly to your manager.

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