GMS introduces updated Push Notifications

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GMS is proud to reveal enhanced, more functional, engaging Push Notifications to help our enterprise clients get the most from their Android and iOS mobile applications. 

Since over 80% of all internet users can be accessed via Push Notifications on desktop or mobile, and with click-through rates of up to 30%, the channel is perfect for delivering instant updates even if the app is not actively used. Additionally, Push Notifications are more affordable compared to other A2P channels.  

Push Notifications equally excel as an addition to brands’ security efforts, a tool for building loyalty via helpful tips, or a vehicle for advertising campaigns. They can also be used to increase sales to existing customers via upselling and cross-selling, re-engage customers with abandoned carts back to the sales funnel to complete a purchase, and accompany users throughout their buyer journey. 

As the applications are effectively fully brand-controlled environments, messages delivered via Push Notifications appear more trustworthy, and brands can leverage all available insights to tailor offerings that will win over each specific client.  

GMS’ updated, easily-deployed Push Notifications support the following formats: 

  • Text 
  • Text+ image 
  • Text + button 
  • Text + image + button     

If you aim to diversify your messaging portfolio, drive traffic to your app, or have additional questions regarding Push Notifications, do not hesitate to  contact us today

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