GMS and Viber Joint Event

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On May 31, GMS and Viber held a joint event in Kiev, Ukraine. Attended by around 60 marketers representing top Ukrainian companies, the event gave an insight into the ways Viber can benefit businesses. GMS and Viber showed participants how and why it makes sense to use Viber to optimize the efficiency of communication with a business’ target audience.

The invasion of OTTs has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers. As Artem Doroshenko, Head of Enterprise Relations Division, GMS mentioned, “Viber’s stronghold in Ukraine with an impressive penetration of 93% among smartphone users makes it the preferred choice for Ukrainian marketers when it comes to fast and two-way communication with customers”.

Traditional SMS messaging fades when compared to all that Viber can offer, particularly in terms of content, security and cost savings. Viber Service Messages is one of the most-preferred services used by Ukrainian marketers. It has a lot of advantages over classical SMS, such as more symbols in one message, links, pictures, company logo, etc. Viber Service Messages can also help to optimize a marketing budget. New tools like chatbots, Viber stickers that are highly used and shared among users and Post Call Ad which are not yet frequently used by Ukrainian marketers were also presented.

“’In Viber, the customer has a chance to reply and actually might even want to, so he should be given that chance. It is a very important factor for effective marketing communications, loyalty programs and building brand loyalty in general.”

Igor Shumytskyy – CMO, MaxiCard, GMS customer

GMS has been a trusted partner of Viber since 2015. More than 250 businesses already benefit from using Viber cooperating with GMS in Ukraine.

We’d love to start a discussion with you on how exactly we can help take your business to the next level when it comes to communicating with your customers using Viber and many other channels. Our team is waiting to hear from you!

A glimpse of the event through pictures and video, for your viewing pleasure!

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