GMS Expands Capabilities of its AI Chatbots Solution with new Features, Integrations, and Deployment Options

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In a continued effort to help enterprise and mid-market organisations transform their customer engagement strategies and drive CX excellence, GMS has worked to expand the functionalities of its AI Chatbots solution. Today we are announcing new features, integrations and deployment options intended to provide a new level of convenience in creating powerful goal-oriented chatbots.

Brands can now build their Natural Language Understanding (NLU) chatbots simply by importing an Excel sheet with configuration parameters. With this new option, chatbot designers can accelerate the creation of conversational workflows and minimise the time needed to make AI chatbots ready for deployment.

Further updates in this release include ChatGPT and Viber integrations, which enable new conversation automation use cases. With the ChatGPT integration, enterprises can leverage AI-generated content to provide immediate responses to FAQs and common enquiries. The Viber integration helps brands open a new two-way communication channel and provide 24/7 availability and support through one of the most widely used messenger apps.

In addition to this, GMS has also enabled solution deployments on the most widely used public cloud platforms. AI Chatbots can now be stored and managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure for increased flexibility and optimised resource use.

You can find more details on the AI Chatbots solution here.

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