5 Free Viber Templates for Guaranteed Delivery!

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Viber is one of the most popular messaging services in the world. It’s available on phones, tablets, computers and many more devices and boasts 1.1 billion users worldwide (March 2020). One of the big reasons that Viber users trust it is that the amount of spam received on the service is extremely low, but how does Viber keep it that way? They have strict standards for the kinds of business messages you can send and the content they contain.

Viber also uses its own method for personalisation in transactional messages. As we talked about earlier this year in our article on personalisation, more than half of people think that personalised messages create a feeling that a brand cares about them. This is an important thing to be aware of, as with transactional messages, you have an opportunity to introduce these good feelings about your brand without there being a sales pitch like you might see in a promotional message.

To ensure that your messages are personalised correctly and are accepted and delivered by Viber, you will need to make sure that you are following their formatting, but we know it’s not always easy to get this right the first time. Because of this, GMS built into our platform a really simple system that will translate your messages into templates for use on Viber Business Messaging.

Our template system is pretty similar to translation services. We’ve got two boxes. In one, you type in your intended text and in the other, the translated text that is what Viber is looking for will show.

Once you’ve done your template conversion and you’re happy with it, you can then submit it to GMS for us to double-check with Viber. We will fully review the message to ensure that it meets their standards and won’t be rejected or not be delivered. You might think this is a long or drawn-out process, but it usually only takes a matter of hours, not days.

While in most cases, your submissions are likely to be accepted, there are a small number of templates that are rejected. If they are rejected, GMS will provide a comment telling you why and what you need to change for it to meet Viber’s standards. You’ll then be able to resubmit that edited template without having to start the whole process over again.

To help you get started, we’ve added below five free Viber templates for you to use in your transactional messaging:

Gift Vouchers

Sending a discount code to a customer via Viber Business Messaging is an excellent way to get them to opt in to receiving messages whilst still providing value. But why a discount code? According to a report from Expedia, discounts and coupons came in as the top-ranking tactic for driving loyalty, with 61% of consumers saying they use them.

Note — you will need to enter any text you want to personalise or make unique to the message in curly brackets {like this}, and you’ll see this in all the templates we’ve shared today. Also, the free Viber templates do not display punctuation, but this does come through in the final message.

Gift voucher Viber template GMS Free Viber Templates

One-Time Passwords

In MEF’s 2020 Global Trust Report, they reported that 84% of people had taken measures to secure their accounts. This shows an increase in comparison to their 2018 report, where only 76% had done so. The increased interest in account security means that many more people will be looking to add multi-factor authentication to their accounts, and Viber is a great way to deliver a one-time password.

one-tome password Viber template GMS Free Viber Templates

Delivery Notifications

If you sell physical products online, then keeping your customers informed on the status of their delivery is essential. In fact, Narvar’s 2018 Consumer Report showed that 83% of customers expect regular communication on the status of their orders.

Viber is the platform of choice for many regions in the world like the CIS and Ukraine, so why not use Viber Business Messaging and free Viber templates to send your delivery notifications?

delivery notifications Viber template GMS Free Viber Templates

Booking Confirmations

If you run an appointment-based business like a hairdresser, dentist, or even something like a hotel where you reserve a room, then you can really help customers by sending them confirmation messages. You’ll also reduce your no-show rate as 36% of customers are more likely to show if they are reminded, according to research from Mozrest.

Booking Confirmations Viber message templates GMS Free Viber Templates

Welcome Messages

Who doesn’t love a friendly welcome message when you start using a new company? It’s also well-liked by marketers. Salesforce studies show 96% of marketers rated mobile welcome messages as very effective. Viber is a great way to deliver this content because it’s a messaging platform that people already enjoy using, so you’re meeting them where they are.

welcome message viber template GMS Free Viber Templates

That’s Your Lot!

All these free Viber templates have passed the GMS and Viber checking process, so we can confirm that they will work. But you’ve probably got more messages you’d want to send than just these five. If you’d like to start sending Viber Business Messages without worrying whether they’ll be delivered, then contact  our experts here at GMS about getting this set up for your business.

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