How to Set Up a Viber Business Account with GMS

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User privacy is one of Rakuten Viber’s top priorities. Sending spam (unauthorised bulk messaging, advertising included) from private accounts is prohibited by the Viber terms of use.

To use Viber for business purposes, you need to register a Viber business account — a verified account that makes the brand more recognisable by communicating via an official channel. It includes:

  • Viber service name — Viber users receive messages identified by the brand name chosen by the client (e.g. METRO, EVA, etc.)
  • Viber ID — a unique code that Viber assigns for every new service, enabling businesses to send messages.
  • Logo (a branded image that users see when receiving messages from the enterprise).
  • Your business’ info (also called “Chat screen information”) — contact information, address, business activity profile, etc.
Viber business messages chat information GMS How to set up a viber business account
Chat screen information

An authorised Viber business account is also marked with a Blue Tick in the user’s chat list. This way, the user can be sure of the authenticity of the messages received from the brand.

Viber business account blue tick How to set up a viber business account
An authorised Viber business account

The registration process

Registering a Viber business account with GMS is easy. Typically, the process takes at least 2 business weeks. Our team will help you collect all the necessary information, as well as go through the registration process quickly and efficiently.

The process of setting up a Viber Business Account step-by-step — GMS

After you have submitted your application, the registration process goes like this:

Step 1 — Preliminary negotiations

This is the stage when prices and the minimum volume of messages that the brand pledges to send every month (starting at 50,000 messages) are agreed. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 — Collecting documents

To register a business account, you will need to send the following documents to GMS:

  • a copy of the statutory documents
  • a copy of the trademark rights or a similar document.

Step 3 — Negotiating the terms of the contract

At this stage the technical nuances are negotiated along with the terms of the agreement, specifically the connection type (API or GMS Business Communications Platform online portal) and the type of messages the client is planning to send — transactional or advertising.

Step 4 — Signing the contract

Step 5 — Testing and familiarisation with the functionality

You can get familiar with how the GMS Business Communications Platform operates by sending up to 100 test messages for free.

Step 6 — Paying for the services in accordance with the terms of the contract

Step 7 — Registering the Viber ID

You fill out and submit to GMS the following documents:

  • a letter of guarantee
  • a form containing information about your business details and the preferred account type:
    • 1-way (messages are delivered in one direction: from brand to user)
    • 2-way (the brand and its consumer can engage in a dialogue)
  • a brand logo in five sizes (50 * 50; 65 * 65; 100 * 100; 130 * 130; 280 * 360 pixels) in .png

At this stage, Viber reviews the documents and registers a brand business account within 3 business days after the documents have been submitted.

Please note: you can subsequently change the logo, account information, name, and integration type (1-way or 2-way) at a later date.

Step 8 — The brand is ready to send Viber Business Messages

How do I manage my business account?

After you have provided all the necessary information to the GMS team, you can decide when you’d like to launch your campaign(s) by choosing the preferred Viber ID activation date.

Usually, to be able to run campaigns, the Viber business account owner undertakes to pay a Minimal Monthly Commitment (MMC). Every country has a different MMC set up.

However, if the number of messages the client has sent in a respective settlement period exceeds the estimated volumes set up in MMC conditions, they will be only charged for the actual number of messages delivered, without the MMC fee applied.

To suspend your account, simply send a request to the GMS team indicating when you would like to suspend your account.

Please note: such a request must be sent before the billing date — the end of the calendar month — arrives. This way you will avoid paying the MMC for the next month.

To reactivate your account, you must send a reactivation request. Such a request can be submitted at any time. Before the account is activated, you need to pay MMC for a full month.

Viber allows up to 3 account deactivations per year. After the fourth deactivation, the account automatically becomes inactive and cannot be reactivated until the end of the current year.

Get started with Viber Business Messaging.

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