MNP lookup: an obvious solution for the persisting issue

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In the last few years, the pace of digital transformation has been off the charts. Initially spurred by the pandemic, the adoption of eCommerce and online financial and payment services resulted in consumers realising the benefits of having all they need at their fingertips. Now, when clients’ demands for convenience and security are exceptionally high, you need to work hard to match these expectations. 

And one of the elements that solidify an excellent customer experience is timely and reliable message delivery. When your client is waiting for an order confirmation message or a one-time password, they want to receive it as quickly as possible. 

However, as more and more countries allow their mobile subscribers to migrate to new carriers, the amount of ported numbers grows over time. With this, the complexity of voice and messaging traffic routing to the correct network becomes a significant challenge for hubs, aggregators, signal providers, mobile operators, and enterprises alike.

Without knowing the identity of the subscriber’s ported number, the traffic can be directed incorrectly, and operators will suffer unnecessary transit charges as the messages take the scenic route. Alternatively, message delivery might fail altogether, depriving the recipient carrier of the termination fee. Finally, suppose the messages used as a medium to deliver OTPs or promotional traffic are not delivered. In that case, both enterprises and their customers suffer. The former face potential revenue losses and reputational risks, while the latter do not receive the expected quality of service, which might ultimately result in churn.

Bringing order to chaos

Fortunately, all this can be avoided by adopting MNP lookup solutions, which allow service providers to identify the network affiliation of ported subscribers’ numbers and route the messages correctly, reducing delivery costs.

Efficient MNP lookup services available in the market today ensure the correct identification of network affiliation 99.99% of the time. Their quick response time also ensures that that there is no latency in the message flow. Applying an MNP check in the first stages of the message flow saves the service providers the cost of a failed message, where the ratio of message failure versus successful deliveries might be as high as 10%. 

Juniper Research also believes that mobile number lookup capabilities will enable advanced traffic and delivery solutions for multiple operator-led services, including RCS, SMS, and voice. By using MNP lookup, mobile operators can reduce expenses, improve service levels by routing directly and enable sophisticated routing based on number portability information.

Another essential aspect is that while solving a business problem for enterprises & aggregators, MNP lookup solutions can also propose a business model for operators, who can use this product to obtain an additional revenue stream. Currently, enterprises with a set SS7 connection with an operator can request all necessary MNP information by sending a query at no additional cost. By deploying such a solution, MNOs can monetise this information as a separate service, receiving extra revenues.


If you want to optimise your messaging routing, enhance customer experience, or obtain an additional revenue source, do not hesitate to ask our GMS experts about our solution today!

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