Viber Messaging 101: Customer Communication and Engagement

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Viber is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world with a user base of 1 billion, offering a free and secure connection, and allowing users to exchange messages and communicate using high-quality audio and video calls.

The average user launches Viber 14 times a day. Combined with the application’s penetration, it makes Viber an attractive channel for brands to communicate with their customers.

How do you understand which tool your brand requires? How is Viber Advertising different from Viber Business Messaging? In this article, we will talk about each of the Viber tools in detail, so you never get lost in the variety of options available again.

Viber Business Messaging

Viber Business Messaging allows two-way communication with customers through their preferred channels.

Data sent via Viber can only be accessed by the sender and receiver, since Viber calls and chats are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption. Also, user correspondence is only stored on Viber servers during message transmission. Storing information in this way ensures compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

There are two types of Viber Business Messages:

Transactional messages can be used for balance or delivery status updates, as well as for sharing other non-advertising information. The purpose of a transactional message is to deliver useful information to the user, avoiding any display of marketing content. These messages may contain plain text or hyperlinks (also added as plain text).

Promotional messages are designed to promote new products and inform customers about discounts or special offers. In other words, these are messages that motivate customers to shop. Such messages may contain emoticons, as well as an image and/or button.

Viber Business Messages Transactional GMS Viber messaging for customer engagement

Transactional messages

  • Individually relevant for a recipient
  • Contains information (bank account balance, invoice number)
  • Text only
Viber Business Messages Promotional GMS Viber messaging for customer engagement

Promotional messages

  • Sent in bulk
  • Contains marketing content (special offers, discounts)
  • Contains text, image, action button

Viber Advertising

Viber supports several advertising formats that allow you to reach out to your customers while they spend time in the application.

Viber Advertising can be targeted using the following parameters:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Geolocation
  • Operating system
  • Time of the day

Let’s have a closer look at the ad formats available in Viber:

Post-call Advertising

Displays your ads on the user’s device screen immediately after a call, or if the call recipient does not respond within 40 seconds. Contains short text and an image with a hyperlink attached that allows you to track the client’s interaction with the ad.

Post-call ad viber business messages Viber messaging for customer engagement
Post-call ad

This method of audience engagement guarantees excellent coverage because 45% of application users use voice and video calls every day. According to Rakuten Viber, the average CTR for this type of advertising reaches 2%.

Chat List Ads

This type of ad is placed on the most visited screen in Viber — the user’s chat list, always second position below the fold. The ad may contain the following content: header, text, 50×50 pixel image.

This unobtrusive, native format allows you to engage an audience of any age, in any country.

Viber chat ads Viber messaging for customer engagement
Chat list ad

Viber Stickers

Viber Stickers are a form of native advertising that can increase brand awareness and establish a real connection with customers who use and share them.

30% of Viber users send stickers daily. Bright, funny, witty, useful — stickers attract the user’s attention easily and set a friendly tone for communication using the brand’s identity. Enterprises get the opportunity to become part of how messenger users communicate with each other, positively distinguishing stickers from traditional forms of advertising, thanks to their interactivity.

viber stickers Viber messaging for customer engagement

Sticker formats available:

  • Static: personalised stickers that help brands stand out
  • Clickable: for promotional campaigns in Viber chats
  • Audio: improve brand recognition by engaging audibly
  • Animated: bring your brand to life and colour customer communications with emotions

In conclusion

Viber is a universal communication channel that allows brands to engage in dialogue with their audience and attract new customers.

By understanding the features of each of the tools, you can create unique campaigns that match your brand’s goals and objectives.

Contact our experts and surprise them with your knowledge of Viber tools for business today!

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