GMS ranked as a Tier 1 SMS Monetisation Vendor by ROCCO Research

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Baar, Switzerland – May 9, 2024 – GMS, the AI-driven communications solutions partner for Mobile Network Operators and Enterprises worldwide, has been rated as a Tier 1 SMS Monetisation Vendor in ROCCO Research’s first SMS Monetisation Market Impact Report, building on our Tier 1 SMS firewall vendor rankings over the last three years. 

The ranking is based entirely on feedback from MNOs worldwide, with the research considering every aspect of service delivery, brand perception, and end-to-end solutions, which include product design, customer service, and more. 

For this survey, ROCCO Research collected feedback from 273 MNOs spread across 118 countries. Some 37% of MNOs who participated in the survey reported that over the last 12 months they had experienced an increase in SMS attacks, while 47% of respondents have seen a decrease.

Charles Upchurch, CEO of GMS, said: 

“As we continuously work to enhance our Network Protection solutions with cutting-edge AI capabilities, we pay equal attention to honing our human expertise to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive SMS firewall protection and the best possible support from GMS. Being recognised as a Tier 1 SMS Monetisation provider in this first-of-its-kind report is a testament to GMS’ efforts to spearhead the evolution of messaging protection and monetisation.” 

You can find more details on the report here.  

About GMS

GMS is the AI-driven communications solutions partner for Mobile Network Operators and Enterprises globally. GMS’ deep understanding of MNO and Enterprises messaging business, expertise in network protection, and global connectivity set the foundations for GMS to move into the future: AI communications solutions that enable great customer engagement and exceptional customer experiences. Through recent acquisitions, GMS has enhanced its product portfolio with Generative AI and Conversational AI, as well as improved the technical capabilities of GMS CPaaS. The new GMS product offering will help our clients to grow their business, improve operational efficiency and build trust between their brands and their customers.

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