GMS confirms its sustainability with an EcoVadis silver medal for CSR

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GMS is proud to share that we have once again won a silver medal for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from EcoVadis. According to the overall score, we are in the top 15% of Telecom companies in the world. EcoVadis is an international trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence, and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains. It evaluates the way in which a company integrates CSR principles.

Why is the EcoVadis medal important for GMS?

  • It demonstrates that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and shows the areas where we may be able to improve
  • It promotes transparency on sustainability practices with reliable ratings and global benchmarks
  • It helps to attract partners and customers who share our values and look for ethical and sustainable service provision
  • It strengthens and protects our brand and reputation
  • It drives growth that is both responsible and sustainable, helping to improve environmental and working conditions

How is the EcoVadis medal assigned?

The EcoVadis rating covers a broad range of non-financial management systems focusing on 21 issues which are divided into 4 pillars: Ethics, Environmental, Labour & Human Rights, Sustainable Procurement. EcoVadis’ methodology is supervised by a scientific committee and follows major international sustainable development standards. The 21 criteria are based on international CSR standards such as the Global Compact Principles, the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard, the ISO 26000 standard, and the CERES principles. These are evaluated with a survey tailored to a company’s country, sector, and size; by gathering public and stakeholder information; as well as an assessment of the company’s corporate policies. The company ensures and supports its answers to the questionnaire by formalized documents that reflect the company’s CSR management system.

As CSR standards, international regulations and customer expectations are constantly evolving, EcoVadis conducts a reassessment every year. It encourages companies to show continuous development and improvement. GMS’s been confirming its constant CSR growth since 2015.   

Olga Velgus, GMS’ Chief Marketing Officer, observes: “Such ratings are very important to show how a company effects positive change both in its internal culture and the external world. GMS is very pleased with our silver medal rating, and plan to continue improving, further demonstrating our leadership in this area. We believe that these standards are an important indicator of our commitment to our clients and society.”

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