Meest Europe introduces customer support via WhatsApp

1 min read

Meest – a global postal and logistics operator – is expanding both its service coverage and the array of channels for communicating with its customers. To ensure it communicates with its customers via preferred messaging apps, the company added the WhatsApp messenger to its multichannel communications mix from GMS.

Using this app will allow Meest to provide customers with continuous support in a dialogue format, as well as send transactional messages internationally, which is particularly crucial for Western European countries with high WhatsApp penetration.

Each time a customer contacts the company’s WhatsApp business account, a free two-way conversation begins. The user has either to reply to the message or to initiate a conversation by texting the brand first.

The ability to communicate with multiple customers simultaneously increases the information service’s efficiency while reducing the waiting time for customers, which improves the customer experience.

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