New Auto-Call service by GMS helps enterprises optimise their call center expenses

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A well-informed customer is a happy one. Keeping your customers updated about their orders’ statuses, delivering other important messages like information on your representative’s visit or gathering customer feedback requires a well-organized call center, as it is vital to inform your customer on time. This is a matter of customer satisfaction.

Expanding your call center might seem to be a no-brainer, but is this scenario applicable to, say, small-to-medium enterprises?

Bearing this in mind, GMS has launched Auto-Call – a voice broadcasting service, that was created to make informing customers easier while also decreasing your call center expenses.

Auto-Call features:

  • Collecting feedback by having the customer press a button in a digital dialing menu
  • Connecting the customer with a call center operator
  • Generating reports on the number of calls, periodicity, and duration of the conversation
  • Carrying out calls on the whole pool of numbers at the same time automatically
  • Authorizing a client by their telephone number
  • Playing pre-recorded voice messages

Auto-Call can deliver “simple” and “complex” messages, based on the scenario you choose.

Simple scenarios allow for contacting the customer based on his record in the enterprise’s CRM and broadcast a pre-recorded voice message.

In complex scenarios the recipient can choose between different options by dialing corresponding numbers after listening to an initial message.

Auto-Call’s benefits:

  • Informing the customers does not require human agent involvement
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Cost-efficient compared to human agents
  • Automation reduces the influence of the human factor

Customer loyalty depends on the quality of services provided. Auto-Call ensures that your call center agents have all the time they require to address the customer’s request, not being distracted by routine
tasks, which are handled by the automated voice broadcasting service.

Contact our experts below and learn how to optimise your call center’s performance with Auto-Call by GMS.

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