Viber Boosts its Business Messaging Capabilities With New Features

1 min read

Viber has deployed two new updates thatwill bring customer loyalty and trust to a new level while also laying down the foundation for further business-related updates.  

The first new feature is Viber Business Inbox — a single, easily-accessible folder available directly from users’ Chats screens. This folder receives, stores, and organises business messages from verified official accounts, making brand-user interactions considerably less intrusive. At the same time, it boosts brand visibility and awareness since the business messages no longer get lost amongst personal chats.  
In terms of usability, the new feature allows users to relocate select brand conversations from their Business Inbox to the main Chats screen if they choose to, and pin business chats of their choice to the top of both the Business Inbox and regular Chats screens. 

With the second update, all existing Viber Business Accounts that meet the criteria will receive a Commercial Account — a convenient one-stop shop for all brand-user interactions that allows users to search and discover all related business information from the brand’s business profile, as well as links to all communication channels. Users can access brands’ commercial accounts via Viber’s main search and even forward them to other users. 

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