GMS grows its market coverage in Nepal

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GMS grows its market coverage in Nepal to 56% by becoming Smart Telecom Nepal’s exclusive partner, providing hubbing services for A2P/P2P & P2A messaging

Global Message Services keeps expanding into the Nepali market, being proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Smart Telecom Nepal, which expands GMS’ presence in South Asia. GMS has launched P2A, A2P, and P2P direct hubbing for the operator. With Smart Telecom Nepal being the second out of a total of 3 national operators in the country, GMS has covered a total of 56% of the Nepali market.

As a hub, GMS provides constant monitoring of the traffic passing through, reporting all abnormal activities to Smart Telecom Nepal. This helps to prevent fraudulent activities by blocking spam, phishing attempts, and other forms of illicit traffic. As a result, an increase in customer satisfaction helps reducing churn, while hub-based services ensure the reduction of the operator’s capital and operational costs.

About Global Message Services (GMS)

GMS is a global messaging provider offering services for mobile operators and enterprises.

Pioneers in A2P, P2P and P2A monetisation and leaders in the CIS market since 2006, GMS has expanded globally with a current reach of 900 mobile operators, more than 240 of them directly connected, all over the world.

GMS’ Managed Services for Mobile Operators enhances operator’s SMS business by addressing technical issues, as well as commercial and legal. A step-by-step project plan heightens the security and overhaul the business processes to put the operator in complete control of his network and increase revenue.

GMS multi-channel messaging platform, Hyber, allows enterprises to deliver messages across different channels worldwide: SMS, Push, OTT messengers, email, etc. GMS is Viber’s official partner. Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland.

About NPL Smart Nepal

Smart Telecom is a private company providing telecom services that is actively involved in meeting the needs of Nepalese citizens for easy access to information and communication by providing them quality services.

Established in July 1, 2008, Smart Telecom first started providing its service in the rural areas and got its unified license in 2013. Smart Telecom currently is the third largest company in the telecom sector in Nepal with a strong workforce of highly qualified personnel.

Smart increased the scope and efficiency of its network to serve customers even better with new reliable 4G and 2G services across 45 districts in Nepal. Hence, Smart will continue to focus on the investment in a network to offer quality services, good internet speed and coverage to our customers.

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