GMS introduces advanced reporting capabilities for customers

1 min read

GMS is proud to reveal a new robust and flexible solution that offers regular and timely online reporting for our customers.

Our new user-friendly, intuitive tool is designed to help our clients and partners get a deeper understanding of how their messaging business is performing via tweakable custom dashboards for their traffic statistics. 

Users can adjust the dashboards to reflect different channels and channel types, specific time periods, delivery statuses, success rates, geographic locations and more. This way, you will be able to analyse your delivery metrics, producing Delivery Reports, Delivery Failure Reports, and On-Demand Traffic Statistics for a specific period.

A conceptual illustration of a user dashboard

Both the data and visualisation can fit specific reporting needs, providing capabilities to produce charts, graphs, tables, and other information structuring components (for example, maps) of any required kind.

The tool is web-based and device-agnostic, conveniently available both on desktop and mobile without any reduction in features or user experience. GMS also provides multi-user access to share with your whole team. Would you like to know more? Get in touch with our experts today, and we can provide access to a demo account for you to check it out.

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