Mobileum and GMS Partner to Enhance A2P SMS Protection and Revenue Growth

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The two companies will be offering an end-to-end solution to protect networks against Smishing and SMS spam, which will allow mobile network operators to improve A2P SMS traffic monetization.

Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and network services, telco security, risk management, and testing and monitoring solutions, and Global Message Services (GMS), an international messaging service provider for mobile operators and enterprises, are pleased to announce their partnership to provide mobile network operators (MNOs) an integrated solution that protects networks against smishing and SMS spam, while allowing them to monetize application-to-person (A2P) and other SMS traffic.

GMS will offer Mobileum’s next-generation SMS Firewall as a critical service layer to ensure the highest level of messaging security. GMS is a trusted SMS routing provider and serves as a single point of access for messaging traffic exchange with all mobile operators and enterprises. Its global messaging protection proposition to its MNO customers protects their traffic, guarantees network security and ensures message delivery to maximize revenues.

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at GMS, commented:

“At GMS, our goal is to drive innovation and value while providing best-in-class customer service, and our partnership with Mobileum plays a critical role in this direction. By integrating our Managed Services offering with Mobileum’s next-generation SMS Firewall, our customers receive all the benefits of a state-of-the-art firewall without the headaches of managing it. Given Mobileum’s unparalleled expertise, we can assure our customers that their network and subscribers are protected from malicious traffic while allowing them to maximize their A2P traffic revenues.”

Leveraging the latest advances in machine learning, AI and natural language processing (NLP), Mobileum SMS Firewall helps operators monitor, detect and filter fraudulent or suspicious SMS traffic in real-time, while controlling traffic from grey routes to reduce revenue leakage. It identifies and mitigates SMS spam and smishing by securely evaluating multiple parameters, including message content, to protect customers from malicious attacks. This is a fully automated solution, which removes potential for human error, and it ensures complete data privacy while providing an increased level of detection accuracy – enhancing SMS security, messaging monetization, and subscriber protection.

Stephen Ornadel, VP responsible for Mobileum’s security business, commented:

“Mobileum is pleased to partner with GMS to provide leading-edge SMS Firewall protection for their managed services customers. A2P messaging traffic provides substantial revenue streams for mobile network operators, yet grey route traffic continues to cause significant losses in revenue each year. Our next-generation firewall goes beyond traditional firewalls, leveraging the latest in machine learning techniques to more effectively identify and block a wide variety of fraudulent SMS, including SMS SIM box attacks and Wangiri fraud. It also unlocks the monetization potential of A2P and IoT messaging by blocking non-commercialized traffic.”

About Global Message Services (GMS)

GMS is an international service provider for mobile operators and enterprises worldwide. GMS is the messaging hub for A2P, P2P, P2A and RCS traffic exchange and a trusted managed services partner. GMS provides mobile operators with full network control to ensure secure message delivery. Partnered with 900 mobile operators worldwide, more than 240 of them directly connected, GMS has an extensive network of connections, which ensures safe and transparent traffic routing for mobile operators and a broad audience reach for enterprise clients. Our goal is to help our partners and clients grow. We provide expert knowledge of local and international markets, and create high-quality, turnkey solutions, tailoring them to fit the needs of each client. Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, GMS also maintains 5 regional offices worldwide.

About Mobileum Inc.

Mobileum is a leading provider of Telecom analytics for roaming, network services, security, risk management and domestic and international connectivity testing. More than 900 operators rely on its Active Intelligence platform, which provides advanced analytics based solutions, enabling customers to connect operational intelligence with real-time actions that increase revenue, improve customer experience and reduce costs.  Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mobileum has global offices in Belgium, Dubai, Germany, India, Portugal, Singapore and UK. Learn more in

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