Nine out 10 MNO customers show a high level of satisfaction with GMS

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Best-in-class customer service is a top priority at GMS, where we strive to offer bespoke high-quality solutions and in-depth knowledge of the market. According to our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) customers, our efforts are paying off.

Nine out of 10 customers globally are highly satisfied with GMS, revealed our latest MNOs Customer Satisfaction Survey.

GMS’ product portfolio was well-received, with customers showing a high level of satisfaction with our Messaging Hub and Managed Services.

GMS customers are also happy to promote our expertise and services to others. The survey revealed a high Net Promoter Score of 56.

Our customers attributed our general performance, competence, and customer orientation as the three main reasons they choose to cooperate with GMS.

Without a doubt, our dedicated and customer-focused Account Managers are key drivers of our continued success. The survey revealed that our customers are very satisfied with project implementation, ongoing cooperation, and troubleshooting at GMS.

GMS’ Chief Marketing Officer, Olha Velhus, said:

“We are very encouraged to hear about the high level of satisfaction that our customers experience with GMS and their willingness to recommend our services to others. These positive results are made possible by our dedicated GMS team, who always go the extra mile for our customers. We look forward to building on our success and strengthening our products and services even further to meet changing customer needs.”

While customers expressed a high level of satisfaction overall, they also suggested a few areas for improvement, such as fine-tuning GMS’ reporting capabilities. GMS will review the recommendations and work on these areas to take our service quality to even greater heights.

The fully anonymous MNOs Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted by an independent marketing consulting and research firm. It focused on two key GMS services for MNOs: Messaging Hub and Managed Services.

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